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The XT1–Viking's "Next Generation" Sprinkler Platform

Viking has engineered its new XT1 sprinkler class from the ground up to deliver superior fire protection and
make installation easier. 
Advanced features include:

  • Smaller, more compact design for easier installation in tight spaces and a more aesthetically pleasing installed appearance.
  • Stainless steel deflectors are corrosion resistant, and the integrated spring and seal assembly is Teflon® sealed and fully encapsulated to protect the Bellville spring against corrosion.
  • Deflectors are laser etched and easy to read for fast model identification.
  • The XT1 spring and seal assembly includes an innovative hinge to help prevent the sprinkler components from lodging in the
    deflector upon activation.
  • Twelve standard and quick response models in 5.6 and 8.0 K-factors are currently available – additional models to be introduced soon.

New 6-point contact XT1 wrench
Multiple contact points prevent slipping, and the ergonomic rubber grip is designed for comfort. No need for a socket-style wrench – this one works for both exposed and recessed pendent and upright XT1 sprinkler styles!

Contact your local Viking SupplyNet sales representative to order available XT1 models.

Standard Response Upright Models
VK1001 ½” 5.6K
VK2001 ¾” 8.0K
VK2002 ½” 8.0K (retrofit only)

Standard Response Pendent Models
VK1021 ½” 5.6K
VK2021 ¾” 8.0K
VK2022 ½” 8.0K (retrofit only)

Quick Response Upright Models
VK3001 ½” 5.6K
VK3501 ¾” 8.0K
VK3502 ½” 8.0K (retrofit only)

Quick Response Pendent Models
VK3021 ½” 5.6K
VK3521 ¾” 8.0K
VK3522 ½” 8.0K (retrofit only)